Thursday, February 2, 2012

No More Waiting for Someday

I read a wonderful message the other day. (Keep reading and you’ll see it!)

First, let me start by saying that a few days ago my daughter reminded me how many years I’ve been working on my novel. I told her, “Many writers take years to write their first book.”

Yes, it’s true. And while I wish I could beat the odds, it has already been years.

I’m getting there.

I admit it’s been difficult to find time to re-write my book between running Mouse Tales Press, helping her with Sock Doll Surprise, running my household, and the assortment of other writing projects I have going. (Not to mention my intention of expanding Mouse Tales Press into a hard copy publication.)

Mind you, she only said it because she really wants me to get my book published.

She’s right though. It has been years.

Anyway, about the time she made that comment I got this “wonderful message” delivered to my email inbox. It said, "Waiting for Someday.”

Yes, life is hectic and there will always be something else to do. So why not start making time for dreams now?

This morning, I looked through the recommended-reading book list I received in my last novel writing class and decided to buy this book for some inspiration on where to go with my story.

A few pages into reading it and so far, so good!

If you would like to help support Mouse Tales Press - and decide to buy the book - can you please click through on the link to Amazon to purchase it?

Here is the link to the Kindle version:

Thank you, Piper, and Daily Om for the reminder!

And if you are reading this, perhaps you needed to be reminded too . . . don’t wait. Work towards your dreams now. Even if only in tiny increments every day. It’s a start!