Monday, January 20, 2014

Prepare for Flight in 2014 with Mouse Tales Press

Welcome to 2014 and the third print version of Mouse Tales Press, the January 2014 issue, which brings with it the addition of photographers to our publication. 

Contributors include:
Stories by Gene G. Bradbury, Kelsey Dembowski, and M. E. Kopp; poetry by Adam Cameron, Holly Day, Andrew Harmon, Sarah Page, Victoria Peterson-Hilleque, Jazmin Sharif; and photography by Rebecca Barray, Bolton Carley, and Michelle Hed.

If you are interested in submitting works of art or photography (or both) to be considered for inclusion in future issues of the magazine, please watch for a “call for submissions” on our Facebook page.

We will hope you will remember to also visit the online version of Mouse Tales Press!

Thank you for stopping by!