Thursday, May 17, 2012

Poems, Poems, Poems

My son came home with a gift for me today. A book of poetry he wrote in his 4th grade class.

It made me cry. I guess I have another poet in the family. Here is one selection:

         I wish I could fly.
         Like a bird.
         And dream about falling off a cliff.
         I am flying over the sea.
         I used to swim all day.
         But now I want to fly.
         I seem to make a house.
         But I'm really me.

By Miles Hatton, Age 9 (when he wrote it)


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  1. I love this - he's talented...takes after his mom. :)

  2. LOVE this. My son is 10, too...but it's my daughter (9) who is a budding poet. It's such an amazing thing. Tell Miles I particularly love "I seem to make a house." Wonderful. :)

  3. Thanks, you guys. :-)
    Of my two kids, my daughter is actually the writer. She has won many awards, including a story that just went on to be judged at state level for the PTA Reflections contest this year. My son has never shown much interest in writing before, which is why I was so touched, I guess. He will be happy to see your comments. Thank you.

  4. The expressive thoughts emanating from this surrealistic poem written by a nine-year-old are humbling!