Friday, April 20, 2012

Starting Your Own Website (for Beginners)

How to create a website? Start with an idea, of course.

Make a list of your interests. Now imagine which one you would never tire learning more about; one you could talk about every day.

Think of a name that is somehow connected to you. (Years ago, I came up with the name for a late-night cabaret – Insomni-Acts. I could relate to that name because I was an insomniac and I was pursuing a life in theater back then.)

Purchase your domain and find a host. I use GoDaddy for both.

If you don’t have web design knowledge, there are many free templates out there.

Then find communities of the same subject where members would benefit from your website. Place ads on Craigslist or other websites appropriate for your content.

That is only the start . . . tomorrow read about my story. Tune in for some changes to our submission guidelines as well.


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