Sunday, April 8, 2012

Writer Submissions (and Networking Information)

While reading submissions, I've noted something that slows me down. Formatting!

And now that I’m participating in Robert Lee Brewer’s Platform Challenge, my time is more precious than ever. So for those of you interested in sending submissions to Mouse Tales Press, it would be greatly appreciated if short stories were submitted with the following formatting:

• 12pt. Font
• Times New Roman
• 1-inch margins
• To indent paragraphs in Word, under “Paragraph,” “Line Spacing,” go to “Special” and click on the drop down box to bring up “First Line” and then choose “0.5.” If your text is already written, select all of your text before changing the setting.

Thank you for taking the time to format your story before sending!

And if you are a writer interested in networking, it’s not too late to catch up with the Platform Challenge (now on Day 8 - using LinkedIn).

Looking forward to reading your works!


  1. We can use Times New Roman? Oh that makes me happy. All the writing resources I originally found pushed Courier, but it looks so "my-english-paper-on-dad's-typewriter-1989."

  2. I know, huh?! :-)
    It can be either depending on a publisher's preferences from what I understand. However, I prefer Times New Roman!