Monday, July 28, 2014

Celebrating the Print Version of the July Issue

Today marks the release of the print version of the July issue, fifty pages of poetry, artwork, and photography. The gorgeous cover photo is by Renee Choi; you can see more of her photography at Crazy Camera Gal.

Please visit MagCloud at the below link to buy your very own copy.

Mouse Tales Press, Print Issue No. 5, July 2014
50 pages, published 7/25/2014
July 2014 - The fifth print edition offered by Mouse Tales Press. Featuring poetry by Jeff Burt, Lori DeSanti, Chad Forbregd, John Grey, Art Heifetz, Linda Hofke, Dr. Nurit Israeli, Laura McKee, Stanley Noah, Simon Perchik, Clinton Van Inman, and David Walker; photography by Rebecca Barray, Renee Choi, Michelle Hed, and Linda Hofke; and artwork by Elena Botts and Clinton Van Inman.
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As mentioned in an earlier blog post, please stay tuned for an announcement about the future of Mouse Tales Press. Thank you!

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