Sunday, August 3, 2014

Four Years of Mouse Tales Press

Shortly after I started Mouse Tales Press, I asked my friend Elizabeth Johnson if she would be interested in copyediting for the site. 

At that time, we published monthly issues and were strictly an online magazine. We became so busy that we switched to a quarterly schedule in hopes of easing the load. We also began a print version at MagCloud in order to try to earn funds to cover the hosting fees I had been paying out of pocket up until then. (While sales have been slow, they have been covering those fees, thankfully.)

But the quarterly plan did not ease our schedules. Submissions kept rolling in and the print version provided a new series of tasks in our busy lives. 

With all of this growth comes change. Elizabeth, a very busy and in-demand copyeditor, has decided to step down from her volunteer position here with us.

I have no doubts that much of the magazine’s success has come from her “partnership” with me. She has been an amazing co-worker, friend, and a highly reputable copyeditor. I wish her much success in her future endeavors.
And now Mouse Tales Press is about to celebrate four years.

What about Our Future?

I have to admit that I had a moment of doubt about the future of Mouse Tales Press when she resigned. How would I ever go on without her?

Soon my love for the job overcame my fear. The magazine has meant too much to me for me to quit. Not only have I had this wonderful opportunity to work closely with her, but also to get to know so many writers I may not have had the chance to interact with otherwise.  

For now, there will be an October issue. I will announce in another post who will be taking on the role of copyeditor. 

After October, I may be taking a hiatus to rework the site. I'm also considering looking for at least one other helper. Someone to handle the blogging, the marketing, or initial weeding of the submissions before they come to me. I will keep you posted. (If this sounds interesting to you, please send me a message at submissions(at)MouseTalesPress(dot)com.)

In the meantime, thank you all so much for your support. And thank you again to Elizabeth for putting her heart and time into Mouse Tales Press.

* * * * *


  1. You know what they say...the only thing constant is change.
    I hope the transition works out well and that Elizabeth enjoys whatever she may be doing in the future.

    1. Thank you for your continued support, Linda!

  2. Thanks for your hard work, Elizabeth! Congratulations on the 4th anniversary, Linda! Looking forward to more years of reading your literary magazine.

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